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We are introducing ourselves

OrtoProfil Kft was founded in 1992 with the aim that – in the orthopaedic, rehabilitation and medical device supply system being transformed at that time – such a health service provider being in inland possession be established, which brought the patients’ needs into prominence.

At the beginning our company’s was manufacturing individual scoliosis braces for children. Our scope of activities became wider and more multiple during the following two decades. Presently our products include both the custom-made prostheses suitable for doing sports either and the simplest ankle braces.

We provide assistance to our customers in the treatment of household, sports, traffic and other injuries, and also in the process of hospital rehabilitation.

We are available for our patients with professional staff consisting of altogether 180 people, including orthopaedic technicians, bandagists, medical sales, physiotherapists in our business network covering all regions of our country, our rehabilitation centres, in more than 30 settlements, at nearly 50 points.

A dominant part of our products, services are also available by making use of state insurance or private health care financed.

Our company is committed to the elaboration, introduction of technological innovations, developments, innovative solutions. It is also important for us to be present in the international markets; we have succeeded in building up foreign enterprises with a similar special line, and our internationally recognized supplying partners are verified by not only their products of high quality, but also their state of the art technological solutions.

As a result of our efforts made in the decades having passed, OrtoProfil has taken place among the inland market-leading orthopaedic technical – and medical device suppliers in Hungary by nowadays.